Why Life Coaching for ADHD?

Sometimes you need more than just a friend, but the problem isn’t an illness. Sometimes what you need is some straight talk. 
 That’s where The Life Pilot can help, offering solutions that won't create the kind of medical history which may cause your healthcare to be more expensive.  The Life Pilot will keep your information between just you and him. By law, your doctor can’t promise this.. 
 Honest, objective feedback, delivered in a caring way, can often be the extra edge you need to get through a rough patch. Or maybe reassure you it isn’t your job to fix something that ultimately isn’t fixable. Perhaps just give you the strength to listen tothat little voice inside,  your own internal counsel...
 So why pay big therapy bills or get hit with the insurance ramifications of receiving medical care, when all you really need is some straight talk from someone caring and experienced in helping others? 
 Dr. Tenenbaum is a retired psychologist, and has over twenty years past experience in life-coaching people of all ages.  He is particularly knowledgeable about impulsivity and inattention... and the mess they can make out of your good intentions.

 If your problems and concerns are too big for you and the people who wish the best for you, yet not right for a medical doctor either, call The Life Pilot, Dr. Tenebaum he'll give it to you straight.

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The Life Pilot

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